ARESTA – Tripod – TN/209/500

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Designed for confined space and down-hole applications, the ARESTA TM-209/500 tripod offers exceptional safety and versatility. This robust tripod can be positioned over a horizontal aperture and seamlessly integrates with our ARESTA Winch and ARESTA fall arrest systems to provide a secure and stable anchorage point. Whether you’re using it with the ARESTA Winch™ to safeguard personnel entering or exiting a confined space or utilizing the ARESTA Winch™ for lowering or raising personnel, the ARESTA TM-209/500 tripod ensures safety and stability.

The ARESTA TM-209/500 tripod accommodates up to three workers simultaneously, providing comprehensive protection against falls from height. Its powder-coated aluminium head features three ball-bearing polyamide rollers for smooth operation and three anchorage points on the side walls for additional security. Each anchorage point can be used as an anchor point for equipment, ensuring the safety of multiple workers at once.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the ARESTA TM-209/500 tripod complies with EN795 (class B) standards, ensuring exceptional durability and lightweight construction. It provides a secure and stable anchorage point for confined space access, with a maximum working load (MWL) of 500kg.