Protective Wearsleeves

Protective wear sleeves offer protection against wear, abrasion, and potential damage caused by various environmental factors.

Also known as a hose or cable sleeve, a protective wear sleeve shield lifting equipment components such as wire ropes, cables, and hoses from the risk of abrasion and friction to chemical exposure such as UV radiation and harsh weather conditions.

Protective wear sleeves are used extensively in construction, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and marine operations where lifting equipment is in use.

They are relied on to enhance the lifespan and reliability of lifting equipment components, and play a key role in prolonging the operational efficiency of lifting equipment.

Braddix offers protective wear sleeves that cater to a variety of equipment dimensions and usage needs, sourced from trusted manufacturers and subject to robust engineering for optimal performance and reliability.

Built to withstand the rigors of demanding industrial environments, Braddix offers quality assured protective wear sleeves that contribute to the safety and efficiency of your lifting operations.

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