Lifting Equipment

Braddix offers a comprehensive selection of lifting equipment for safe and efficient lifting operations in industries spanning construction, manufacturing, logistics, marine, agriculture and more. Whether it’s securing cargo for transportation, assembling structures, or facilitating material handling, quality lifting equipment is essential for safe, smooth and secure operations.

Lifting equipment is used for both horizontal and vertical movement of cargo, with specialised equipment designed for distinct tasks and load profiles. Furthermore, materials handling is frequently a key source of workplace injuries, often as a result of inadequate equipment. Ensuring you have the right lifting component or tool for the right purpose is a proactive measure to mitigate accidents and ensure loads are moved swiftly and efficiently.

Our range of lifting equipment includes specialised tools and components designed to facilitate the seamless movement and transport of heavy loads. From eye foundry hooks and lifting bolts to swivel self-locking hooks and weld-on hooks, shortening clutches, master links, connecting links and forged barrel hooks, our lifting equipment range is designed to meet specific lifting needs for a variety of industries. Each product is quality assured and manufactured by trusted suppliers with a commitment to enhancing both the safety and efficiency of lifting tasks. This ensures our range of lifting equipment can be relied upon to perform reliably and consistently, even in the most demanding environments.

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