Hoists raise, lower and move heavy vertical loads with precision and ease. Powered by a motorised mechanism that is connected to chains, ropes, or cables, hoists are relied upon for controlled and purposeful lifting. Hoists are often fixed at heights and are particularly useful when working with loads that are impractical or unsafe to handle manually or with a forklift. They are regularly used in construction, manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse environments.

Braddix offers a variety of hoist solutions to cater for different lifting requirements, including lever hoists for controlled lifting through a lever mechanism, compact lever hoists known as hackets which are ideal for confined spaces, and manual chain hoists that use a chain and pulley system for controlled vertical lifting. There are a variety of hoists available depending on the items being lifted, the structure supporting the hoist, and individual customer requirements. The hoist’s highest weight-bearing capability is established by the manufacturer, factoring in elements like pulley count and the inclusion of a lifting motor.

Hoists are indispensable where vertical lifting of heavy loads is required. All hoists in the Braddix range have undergone stringent testing, ensuring their durability, reliability, and ability to perform consistently in demanding environments.