Fire Safety

Fire safety equipment represents a cornerstone of workplace safety, protecting people, buildings, equipment and machinery against potential fire hazards. From fire blankets that swiftly smother small fires to fire extinguishers that offer versatile extinguishing capabilities, fire safety equipment is vital to minimise the impact of fires and maintain a safe and secure working environment. Insurers may also specify the need for fire safety equipment as part of the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Braddix offers a wide range of fire safety equipment designed to prevent, control, and mitigate the risk of fires, including fire blankets, fire extinguishers, PVC extinguisher covers, and single extinguisher cabinets. Our dry powder fire extinguishers can be used for class A, B and C fires and are effective against petrol and volatile liquids where vehicles are in operation. Our range of fire safety equipment can be used in construction, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and other settings that are vulnerable to fire-related risks.  

Braddix range of fire safety equipment has undergone rigorous safety testing and complies with strict European requirements for quality. This ensures reliability and performance in critical fire-related situations, equipping you with the resources needed to effectively safeguard your personnel and workplace.