Eye bolts are specialised bolts featuring a loop at one end. Their versatile design caters to a variety of material lifting applications including pivoting and swivelling. Eye bolts are fixed securely to structures and serve as anchor points for ropes or cables used in lifting operations. They have a variety of uses from tensioning wires to securing loads and other non-load bearing functions.

Eye bolts are used in number of sectors including construction, manufacturing, and logistics where safe and efficient materials lifting is needed. Eye bolts require continued maintenance and monitoring to ensure they are maintained in proper working order. Corrosion, damage, and a build-up of dirt and grime can undermine the integrity of the eye bolt, so they should be cleaned regularly and packed away when not in use. Similarly, eye bolts should be selected based on their suitability for expected environmental conditions and always paired with a shackle that has equal lifting ability to avoid overloading risks.

Braddix suppliers a selection of eye bolts sourced from reputable suppliers committed to strict quality standards, for reliable, durable and trustworthy components for a variety of lifting requirements.

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